Innovative Engineering Solutions

We dominate the ability to provide integration services to include analysis, testing, product design and development support.
Our Solutions

Aluminum Structural Profile

Commitment On Time: Our team comes early and stays late to get installation completed in the shortest time possible, minimizing the impact to production.
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Computer aided design

VCG performs engineering design using a broad range of computational tools. These include AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Master Cam, as well as in-house specialized codes.

Design & automation of manufacturing lines

VCG is specialist in the development of new production lines; Manual, semi-automation and full automation.

Cranes: Installation & certification

VCG provides nationwide installations for the products we manufacture as well as other manufacturers’ material handling products.

Fixtures, assembly stations, inspection jigs & tools

VCG’s solutions facilities, provides a wide array of test services to our customers.

Conveyors: Power, gravity & integration

Power, Gravity, Roller, Low Pressure Conveyors. Intelligent systema - transfer and selection. Lift and rotative tables.

Development of customized equipment & processes

Do you have a requirement for which no current commercial solution exists? At VCG, we specialize in prototype fabrication and design.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

About VCG Continental

VCG Continental is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm. We provide technology-based solutions for various industries. We help our customers with solutions ranging from design, calculation and the requirements to manufacture and development of production lines.

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