Design & Automation of Manufacturing Lines

VCG is specialized in the development of new production lines; Manual, semi-automation and full automation. We incorporate diverse technologies that secure Safety and high quality standards

All projects are supported with 3D CAD detail in every process station or equipment developed.

Programed Manufacturing
Automized Control
  • Robust Process

    42 years of experience in the Industry will guarantee our customer satisfaction delivering robust processes, industrialized with highest standards and delivering on time.

  • Stages & Peer Reviews

    VCG follows a PMP (Project Management Process) methodology that secure every phase of the project is planned, our communication is clean and on time with our customers and we deliver on time. For that, we split our customer project in phases, described as follow:

    Design (DS), Mechanical Evaluation (ME), Programming Evaluation (PE), Debugging (DB), Qualification on Site (Q1), Manufacturing Prototypes in customer site (MP) and Final Qualification or Pilot Run (PL).

  • Program Manager

    A Program Manager is assigned to your project, he or she will be the single contact point between VCG and our costumer and likewise he or she will be the responsible to keep you informed through every phase of the project, you will receive a report and face to face meeting with relevant information, as Project cost, timeline, risks and other unexpected challenges that usually comes up on every project.

  • Operation Rate

    VCG designs and guarantee your equipment to a standard life time on “off the self-equipment” and for customized equipment we align our guarantee to meet our customer needs.

    Subject to compliance with the user and maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer.

  • Lean Manufacturing Analysis

    VCG designs your production lines under strict analysis of customer needs, we ensure your line is lean by using Lean methodologies like LADM (Line Architecture Design methodology).

    All stations will meet ergonomic and safety standards and will optimize by material flow analysis, production time and capacity studies and line headcount balance.

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